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"Maxine Mintz Pottier's painting has a simple charm that makes repeated viewing a joy. Her seemingly simple form , and her use of perspective, or 

dislocation of perspective, is more driven by time and place than willful

abandonment of pictorial space. Her world is the world of remembrance, scene and mood.



Her New York City Jewish family memories, from childhood and young womanhood, serve as the basis of many of her best paintings. In that sense, she harkens back to the great Chagall, and Matisse or more recently R.B. Kitaj. Yet there's a real Americana to her too, and she's well aware of Milton Avery and perhaps Ben Shawn. All these artists made their memories come to life, and Maxine's art comes to life, as well as gives pleasure on repeated viewings. It is painting to live with.



Her art is never made to an expectation, or more of the same, but seems to live, like each of us, as a total singular experience."


Dennis Hermanson , Artist










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